Procurement – Earning A Seat At The Table

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Procurement organizations often find themselves in a “catch-22” scenario. They manage significant amounts of spend. Whether this is administrative or strategic, this is up to the company to decide.

If you are within a procurement organization, no one is reserving a seat at the table for you. You will need to develop a plan, be persuasive and claim your spot…

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Automatic Exchange of Information and its Impact on You

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The alpine nation renowned for its culture of banking secrecy is busy re-branding itself as a tax enforcer by taking an active role in the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI). AEI is a global initiative designed to regularly transmit taxpayer information from the country of citizenship to country of residence. The support of AEI by Swiss Regulators will undoubtedly result in increased scrutiny of anyone failing to disclose income or assets in accordance with OECD guidance and local laws and legislation. Similar regulations, like the US led Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), resulted in the threat, as FORBES indicates, that “non-compliant institutions could be frozen out of U.S. markets.” At a minimum, substantial fines and penalties were waged in the case of FATCA non-compliance. Unlike FATCA, which was very specific to US related citizens, AEI promises to be a global initiative impacting all participating OECD countries and every citizen within their jurisdiction.

This document asks whether you are ready for the changes AEI will bring.

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Foundation: Our latest case study

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This case study highlights the Trestle Group Foundation’s Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Partnership Program (EWEPP) with Credit Suisse and three female business owners in Dar esS!alaam, Tanzania.

The six-month program was conducted in collaboration with Swisscontact and Equity Bank to provide expertise, training support and resources including access to capital to 250 female entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

Download the Tanzania SwissContact case study here.