About us. Trestle Group is an international, boutique consulting firm dedicated to making business better; more performant, more ethical. Through our complimentary services, we support our clients from strategy to delivery. Whether you are responsible for Operations, Finance, Procurement, Compliance, Risk or Change, Trestle Group is a solid partner who understands your needs and has solutions to offer.

Our Philosophy. We measure success based on our relationships. Hence our relationships with our employees, clients, partners and the global community are of utmost importance. We continually strive to ensure that we provide an outstanding team to support our clients’ needs. And at the end of each day we consider how we have made a difference, where we have improved things – and what is yet to be achieved.

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Management Team

Thomas Gustinis, Zurich


Born in the U.S.A., Thomas received his EMBA from London Business School and Columbia, holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.

He started his career at Ernst and Young in New York as an external auditor specializing in Financial Service Audits and worked as an internal auditor and special projects controller for the CFO of Schroeders before joining UBS in 1998. During his 15 years at UBS, Thomas held the roles of Location Controller for Stamford and Zurich, Head of Global Reporting for the Investment Bank in London, COO of the IB Treasury Function and CFO of Group Treasury (Managing Director) in Zurich before joining Trestle Group as a Managing Partner in 2013. Thomas has 20 years of experience in regulatory compliance, risk management and program and project management where he enjoys focusing his attention on large scale financial transformational initiatives.

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Bernhard Janischowsky, Frankfurt


Born in Germany, Bernhard received his EMBA from London Business School and holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Erlangen, Germany.

He started his career working in the automotive industry in Spain and in the U.S. before joining Arthur Andersen Consulting in Frankfurt, Germany. During his time at Arthur Andersen, Bernhard worked in the process and technology consulting, advising clients on larger scale change projects. In 2003, Bernhard co-founded Trestle Group in Germany as Managing Director. In his 13 years at Trestle Group, Bernhard led many client projects in the Sourcing space and is internally responsible for developing consulting methodologies that ensure high quality delivery. Bernhard has over 20 years of experience in process and sourcing projects as well as advising clients on strategic initiatives. He enjoys leading organizations through transformational change initiatives.

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Reid Anderson, Frankfurt


Born in the U.S.A, Reid earned his BA in Business Management, with a focus on international economics, from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

He started his career at Ernst & Young in Frankfurt specializing in Securities Settlement Processing before moving to Deutsche Bank as an internal consultant for IT and process change initiatives. He joined Trestle Group in 2004 as one of the original founding members. During his 13 years at Trestle Group, Reid has a proven track record in managing complex IT and business process transformation projects. Since 2016 Reid is the German Country Head and Managing Director responsible for growth in the German market. Reid is a passionate blogger in the XING Group Forum he founded in 2004, „Offshore Outsourcing“. He is a regular contributor to publications on key sourcing and financial services topics and enjoys speaking at events as an SME.

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Zeeshan Khalid, London


Born in the U.K., Zeeshan received his Masters Degree in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College, London and later qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 2009.

He started his career working in Finance IT at UBS, both in London and Zurich. During his time at UBS, Zeeshan held a number of different roles working in Finance, Risk and IT. His unique experiences across very different functional disciplines (Finance, IT and Risk) provides a unique perspective to offe creative technical solutions for complex regulatory and change initiatives in the financial services industry. Zeeshan left UBS to pursue an independent contacting career at RBS and Credit Suisse specializing in Risk Change and cross-functional global delivery. In his two years at Trestle Group, Zeeshan has enhanced the Risk and Compliance practise in London and contributed to the financial success of the partnership. Zeeshan has over 13 years of experience and specialises in SME lead Project/Programme Management, Credit Risk and Market Risk Transformation, Financial & Operational controls and Regulatory capital compliance across BASEL & ISDA for the PRA & FINMA local regulators.

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Pascal Roth, Zurich


Born in Switzerland, Pascal received his Masters in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Dipl. Inf. Ing. ETHZ), is an alumnus from several leading

European Business Schools, and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He started his career working in Insurance as a computer aided software engineering, database designer, and IT architect before becoming a program manager, operational risk manager and business developer. Pascal’s career transitioned into Private Banking where he utilized his Master Black Belt and Program Management skills as an agent of change for the Credit Suisse Private Banking COO department. Pascal joined Trestle Group in 2013 where he has held the roles of Head of HR, Head of Sales and lead revenue generator before becoming the Swiss Country Head in 2016 as Managing Director. Pascal has gathered relevant experience in Switzerland, Australia, the U.K., Central Eastern Europe and in the APAC. During that time, he acted as a change agent, leading large-scale programs, delivering business platforms, building up risk practices and serving as an Operational Excellence Champion. Pascal has 25 years of experience in program management, IT and operational risk management, regulatory and compliance matters as well as in sourcing / shoring topics. He believes in succeeding by enabling and growing people.

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